showcasing my (mainly old school) Conan the Barbarian miniatures, with the odd game thrown in.

showcasing my (mainly old school) Conan the Barbarian miniatures, with the odd game thrown in.
"In the time before the mortgage drank the paycheque, and the rise of the three children, was an age still dreamed of. And unto this came Springinsfeld, destined to paint little lead soldiers and push them round the table."

Wednesday, 23 April 2014


Lets take a look at a unit of Aquilonian footsloggers. These fellows are the rank and file rather than named levies such as the Bossonian archers and Gunderland pikemen.

Figures by Garrison. I may have to get another couple of units of these. I love the helm with  aventail, straight from illustrations in the comics.
Aquilonian Spearman

Sunday, 13 April 2014


Nobly arrayed behind Conan in the last post were the Black Dragons...the Aquilonian Royal Guard. I have painted 10 mounted and 10 on foot...probably more than I should have in the army but they are nice figures and dead easy to paint

In one of the de Camp/Carter stories it mentions the Black Dragons have white surcoats, but I'm sure Howard says black. Figures by Garrison again.

Monday, 7 April 2014


Here we have Conan at the zenith of his career, wearing the Royal harness of Aquilonia

...Conan's armor of black platemail, with the vizored salade and the dark plumes nodding over a wivern crest. Over all they put the silken surcoat with the royal lion worked in gold upon the breast and they girt him with a broad gold buckled belt which supporteda jewel hilted broadsword in a cloth of gold scabbard.' (Conan the Conqueror)

I have posted this figure on another blog before so apologies if you have seen it already, a lovely old Ral Partha miniature from 1976-77.