showcasing my (mainly old school) Conan the Barbarian miniatures, with the odd game thrown in.

showcasing my (mainly old school) Conan the Barbarian miniatures, with the odd game thrown in.
"In the time before the mortgage drank the paycheque, and the rise of the three children, was an age still dreamed of. And unto this came Springinsfeld, destined to paint little lead soldiers and push them round the table."

Thursday, 31 December 2015


Squeezing one last post into 2015, I have painted up a few more knights as I have an upcoming GAME!!! in early 2016.

To bump up the Aquilonians, we have here some of the knights of Poitan, armed with their trademark 2 handed swords (difficult to use on horseback I should think). Royal Armies of the Hyborian Age states the heraldry of Poitan is a silver leopard on a red field. I used a deeper red to distinguish them from the Nemedians.

There aren't many mounted knights with 2-handed swords around, but these home cast Price August figures fit the bill. I bought these on ebay, but have since got the moulds (the horse is from a skeleton knight mould) as I hope to do a lot more home casting of fantasy figures .


Sunday, 20 December 2015


Here is the druid Diviatix, who helps Conan out fighting Thoth-Amon in the story "Black Sphinx of Nebthu" He is described as a drunken old fellow in a white robe (but is in fact a top notch wizard)

"Druid wizard" by Garrison Miniatures, I'm sure this figure is meant to represent Diviatix. The goblet is to hold refreshment rather than being a magical item.

Sunday, 13 December 2015


The start of another mini-series, 'Conan's Girlfriends'. Here we have Conan's first love, the pirate Queen BĂȘlit

figure by Minot's Miniature Armoury

clearly based on the comic book illustrations
and just for good measure, here is a more recent depiction of the same er... costume.

Sunday, 6 December 2015


More of an "I'm still alive " post, I painted this figure a long while back. This project is on a bit of a back burner, but I still intend to forge ahead with it.

Here is an early 1980's figure I was sent by Michael at Classic Minatures and I think it's by a company called Texas Miniatures? (correct me if I'm wrong).